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Natural Hair Care Your Hair Will Love

Premium Boar Bristle Brushes Made in Germany

Your Hair Deserves this Brush

Premium Boar Bristles for Premium Feeling


We use only sustainable materials in all of our product lines from the Natural Hair Brush all the way down to our packaging.

Made in Germany

Our Brushes are crafted in Germany by highly skilled traditional brush makers. This results in one of a kind Manufacturing quality.

100% Plastic-Free

We deeply care about our environment. Therefor we made sure that no plastic is used for our products.

Why this Brush?

Do you like shiny, beautiful and healthy hair?
Are you struggling with split end, hair loss or frizzy hair?

✓ Adds shine and volume to your hair

✓ Regulates fat production

✓ Cleanses scalp & hair naturally

✓ Unique and modern design

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ Highest quality craftsmanship

✓ Made in Germany

What Our Customers Say

The Leo Prinz Boar Bristle Brush is definitely the most expensive but also the highest quality brush that I've bought. Its totally worth the price. Perfect shape, easy to hold and has a great massage effect on the scalp. My hair feels shinier and healthier just after 3 weeks of use. The comb is also very high quality and is great for de-tangling.

This product is phenomenal.

Overall high quality, feels stable and my girlfriend absolutely loves it.

Got this as a gift for my wife after she had been complaining about her old brush pulling her hair... she’s been super happy ever since! The build quality of this brush is astonishing, one can really see and feel the craftsmanship from Germany. Solid product!

The Magic of Boar Bristle Brushes

Boar bristles are unique in their properties for the hair. They are the only bristle material that can absorb and release natural fats.

This property was intelligently designed by nature so that only excess fat is absorbed by the scalp and hairline and released in undernourished areas, such as the tips of the hair.

If you brush your hair regularly, the bristles cleanse the hair, provide it with valuable nutrients and repair the hair structure. This combination of these properties are achieved only by boar bristles.

Reinvention of an Old Masterpiece for Sustainable Hair Care

With the Leo Prinz Hair Brush, we wanted to develop a modern, functional and high-quality boar bristle brush. The brush should be versatile and correspond to a modern understanding of design and materials.

After many years of experience by brushing with many different hairbrushes, we developed a modern line together with hairdressers, designers and material experts in Germany.