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Premium Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set - Charming



Hair Type: strong, medium to long

✓ Adds shine and volume to your hair
✓ Regulates fat production
✓ Cleanses scalp & hair naturally
✓ Premium boar bristles
✓ Made in Germany
✓ Incl. comb and travel case
✓ Plastic-free

We recommend the Model Charming when you have strong hair. The hair length can go up to the shoulders or beyond. The premium boar bristles of our Charming are anchored with a slightly wider distance to each other in the brush body. This allows you to brush well through the hair even with strong hair. 

With regular brushing, boar bristles are the only material that transports excess oil (sebum) from the scalp to the tips. The body's own sebum contains valuable nutrients that nourish and protect your hair.

Regular brushing stimulates nerve endings, important meridians on the head and blood flow to the hair roots. This can have a positive effect on hair growth and quality. Frequent brushing with this hair brush sets an ideal foundation for healthy, beautiful and strong hair.

Regular brushing also cleanses and stimulates the scalp. This can support regeneration and the establishment of a healthy scalp milieu.

Its excellent aesthetic and physical properties make it a sought-after precious wood. The selected pieces for our Leo Prinz Natural Hair Brush have already had a life in other objects. This is how we make sure that we use our resources in a sustainable way, even with this slow growing wood.